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In order to create our exclusive chesterfields we use leather of the highest possible quality produced by well-known manufacturers from U.K. such as CREST LEATHERS, FUTURA LEATHER, YARWOOD Leather (accredited ISO 9001:2000 and 14001:2004).
Our collection combines careful selection of raw materials and traditional tanning techniques to produce four great value ranges, each with their own unique look and characteristics to give customers a great choice of colours and textures making each of our chesterfields unique. Only the best for an authentic and 100 % British Chesterfield.

Rub-off - Base price

Fine corrected grain full pigmented leather with a distinctive two tone classic appearance allowing the base bright color to show through the dark top coat creating an antique and traditional look often completed with a high gloss finish that substitutes the natural patina from manufacture. This leather doesn’t scratch easily and therefore is recommended for heavy duty applications. Dark colors may wear off in high used areas by friction.

Old English - Base price + 20%

Old English is made on high quality hides wich have been tanned to achieve a soft feel and vintage look. To achieve a cracked and distressed appearance the leather is finished with a blend of oils and waxes enhancing its overall luxurious look and soft tactile finish. Since the leather is not artificially corrected some scars and marks may be evident enhancing its natural beauty.

Shelly - Base price + 10%

Attractive corrected full grain aniline leather. Shelly leather has been milled using a combination of pigments for a plain finish with silky feel. This range includes a great variety of color choices and we have selected here only the most popular ones so please contact us should yours not be included in the list.

Selvaggio - Base price + 20%

Velvet like, beautiful natural leather, distressed and lightly brushed with beeswax to give a matt slightly aged appearance, allowing the sauvage look to mature with time. Featuring some healed scars and marks which add to the beauty of the leather, this range is ideal for all types of domestic and business applications. This leather makes new furniture look old from manufacture.

Hand-dye - Base price + 30%

Hand-dye leather is full aniline leather beautifully rich with a smooth and silky finish highlighted by the addition of a blend of oil and waxes for a finish designed for top quality applications. Completely hand finished to achieve a unique look.

Others - Base price + 30%

Leathers catalog PDF

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Colours in this catalog should be used as a guide only since it is very difficult to catch the real colour of the leather in a picture and also because they refer to an organic product and leather hides can vary slightly from batch to batch. Please visit our supplier website for full range, more photos and additional info : www.crestjmtleather.com